10 Things I’m Glad I Realized I Was Doing Wrong In Life (And How I Changed Them)

Some great advice from a personality that resonates a lot with mine.

Thought Catalog

When I was younger, people told me I have a nervous stomach. What that really means is basically any social interaction — especially with someone I didn’t know — made me want to have a full-blown panic attack. Since I was deeply uncool, I managed to avoid talking to many people all through high school. Yes, I had some friends, but mostly it was those who also relied on benzodiazepine and shared a deep love of music, which often spoke for us. It wasn’t until college that I understood if I wanted to be successful I was going to have to be social — a deeply disconcerting realization for an introverted nervous wreck.

As any good nerd would, I hit the books. I worked on solving my problem by compiling research. I read books on body language, neuro-linguistic programming, how to create self esteem, relationship advice, marketing, personal branding, biological anthropology and…

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