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10 Things I’m Glad I Realized I Was Doing Wrong In Life (And How I Changed Them)

Some great advice from a personality that resonates a lot with mine.

Thought Catalog

When I was younger, people told me I have a nervous stomach. What that really means is basically any social interaction — especially with someone I didn’t know — made me want to have a full-blown panic attack. Since I was deeply uncool, I managed to avoid talking to many people all through high school. Yes, I had some friends, but mostly it was those who also relied on benzodiazepine and shared a deep love of music, which often spoke for us. It wasn’t until college that I understood if I wanted to be successful I was going to have to be social — a deeply disconcerting realization for an introverted nervous wreck.

As any good nerd would, I hit the books. I worked on solving my problem by compiling research. I read books on body language, neuro-linguistic programming, how to create self esteem, relationship advice, marketing, personal branding, biological anthropology and…

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I want my childhood back

I want my childhood back. Not because it was wasted or unfulfilling. Not because it was taken from me at a young age or ruined by bad parents. I want my childhood back because it was a golden time. I want the long summer days spent outside yet not worrying about what I should be accomplishing inside. I want the late nights with friends sans alcohol and drained paychecks. I want the day that is my own, not to be hijacked by the demands of an employer or the poltergeists of worry and responsibility. Most of all I want the state of mind; the naïve selfishness that tells me my life is a journey, not a trap for the foolish.

However, if I am to be an adult let me flourish. Let me use my newfound wisdom and fervor for life to shape the world around me. Let me fill the corners of my space with my talents, knacks, quirks, and flaws. Let me stimulate instead of snuff the brilliant fire that is a human mind. Let me expand my power of choice by choosing ethically and logically, adding a new voice to an ever-expanding conversation.

If I am to be an adult, do not force me to be led. Do not force me into a mold forged by other minds. Do not tell me there is only one way to do something. Do not define me by my “success”.

You don’t know the meaning of the word.

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